Bio / Pharma

From Part D reform and international price benchmarking to an ICER-like system, we help you understand which policies have staying power in Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial markets vs. what is more pie-in-the-sky. We can help navigate formulary policies, relevant court decisions, co-pay assistance programs, rebate walls & patent thickets as well as tax policy that impacts every single life sciences company today.

How Capitol Street Clients Use Our Biotechnology and Pharma Research

Capitol Street offers timely, in-depth analyses and insight on healthcare policy actions and trends that impact the pharmaceutical, biotech and biosimilar industries, such as formulary, prior authorization, corporate tax, trade, patent and rebate policies. We identify complex or often overlooked effects of policies and decisions on biopharma stakeholders. We also synthesize inputs from a broad set of healthcare sectors that impact biopharma, including PBMs, diagnostic tests, health plans and hospitals.

For example, our clients use Capitol Street to piece together Medicare Part B and Part D reform and to understand how non-government organizations like ICER are changing the conversations in the marketplace. Our clients are informed of policy actions — as they happen and with clear analysis of the impact and ripple-effect.

Our BioPharma Healthcare Policy 
services include:

Monitoring & updates of relevant coverage, reimbursement, and FDA approval & CMS (MAC/NCD) reimbursement actions and trends related to biopharma

Deep-dive reports on key policy actions and trends including Medicare & Medicaid, FDA policies/approvals, Commercial insurance policies, CMS Innovation Pilot models (CMMI), industry dynamics, and more

Forward-looking weekly Healthcare Policy catalysts and events

Timely communication including discussions on specific issues

Markets Analysis

Capitol Street helps clients assess positions vis-à-vis competitors in the industry, along with the macro trends and capital markets perspectives. Our Markets Analysis services for BioPharma include:

Analysis of public Bio Pharma companies earnings calls & communications

Review of capital markets’ perspective on industry trends