Contributors Emeritus

Capitol Street thrives on collaboration among outstanding people. We appreciate the contributions of all team members, past and current.

We’re proud of our team and in the way we work together and support one another. We value growth and development and foster an environment of regular feedback and continuous learning. We constantly think about the values and talents of our team members and thrive in helping them develop in the areas most important to them, to us, and to our clients. We do internal teach-ins, and foster constant communication internally, as we help our colleagues learn and grow intellectually.

See below for past team members who continue to thrive in the field.

Brenda served as an associate analyst with Capitol Street for eight years informing clients about legislative, regulatory and judicial health policy developments with particular focus on drug pricing, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and elections. Prior to Capitol Street, Brenda was a Policy Analyst at Charles Schwab Washington Research Group and previously served as a Congressional Policy Aide. Brenda earned her Bachelor’s degree from Cornell College.

Dhevi Kumar is a strategist focused on healthcare and innovative technology development. Her specialty is identifying alliances between agencies such as the CDC, FDA, NIH and institutional and philanthropic investors. As a Director at the CDC Foundation, she led a digital health investment from the State department that scaled data collection technologies across Africa and Haiti. Her career spans management positions at Vulcan, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Centers for Disease Control, Vulcan and Grant Thornton. In her role at Capitol Street, she analyzed healthcare policy impacting the biopharma & supply chain sectors. Dhevi holds a bachelors degree from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters in Education from Columbia University and a Masters in Health Policy and Management from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

At Capitol Street Gina Sherick researched and explained complicated dialysis, home health, and hospital related payment rules as well as legislative analysis. She also deep-dived public plan options, along with post-election health policy agenda and scenario analysis going into the 2020 Presidential election. Gina provides policy and political expertise on a variety of issues and assists clients in developing and implementing their legislative strategy before Congress and relevant agencies. She has experience in coalition management, ensuring that groups are able to run smoothly and efficiently.

Sannidhi is an Associate focusing on the economic impact of federal health policy on the services industry, focusing on the payer-provider landscape such as Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Hospitals and Value-Based Care. She graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in Healthcare Management & Policy and a minor in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

While an intern at Capitol Street, Kyle was a healthcare researcher focusing on how the outlook of managed are plans and other healthcare services (hospitals, physicians) are impacted by congressional legislation and agency policies, along with commercial trends such as incentivizing primary care. He attends Georgetown University studying Healthcare Management & Policy with a focus on Policy Analysis. He will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2024.

Rasheda joined Capitol Street as a health policy intern focusing on value-based care models and reproductive healthcare, along with tracking & analyzing health-related federal legislation, such as healthcare privacy, as well as Medicaid waiver, Redetermination and program details. She attends Temple University studying Health Professions with a Public Health Concentration. She will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2024.

At Capitol Street, Reona has focused on pharmaceutical policy issues, specifically the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies as well as state and federal efforts to lower drug prices. She studies Healthcare Management and Gender Studies at Georgetown University (graduating in 2023) and is passionate about ensuring equitable access to affordable care by working to depoliticize women’s healthcare and to make prescription drugs available at lower costs.

Drew spent his time at Capitol Street tracking and reporting on the development of novel COVID-19 diagnostics and contributed to a report on the American health care landscape following the 2020 Presidential election. Drew graduated with a BS in Health Care Management & Policy from Georgetown University and has served as a consultant in the business technology space. Drew authored “Sports, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll,” a book about the Opioid Crisis, sports and pop culture, as it disproportionately hit his midwestern hometown.

Viraj spent his time at Capitol Street as an associate Health Policy intern gathering and reporting on policies impacting markets and business. Viraj graduated from Georgetown University, and is currently a JD Candidate at University of Virginia School of Law.

Joseph’s time with Capitol Street included on-the-ground interactions in Washington, D.C., and analyzing policy issues. Joe analyzed policy implications for various stakeholders, and provided insights on trends based on legislation/regulation, hearings, and MedPAC discussions. Joe has served as a Senior Health Policy Analyst at a national not-for-profit organization focused on improving the safety, stability, and well-being of America.

Lexi, a Division I Lacrosse Player at JHU, was a key contributor to Capitol Street. She graduated with a Master of Health Science from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health & a BA in Public Health, from Johns Hopkins University. Lexi contributed to research for the ever evolving health policy environment. She particularly enjoyed Medicare for All and Public Option research and dove into drug pricing proposals; some at the state level. Lexi currently analyzes behavioral research at Icario, a leading healthcare engagement company, to understand the science behind how people take action for better health.

Nicole focused her research at Capitol Street on healthcare services, physicians and providers as well as some drug policies. She vetted the Colorado and Washington state public options as the 2020 Presidential candidates talked up Medicare for All and single payer proposals. Nicole also provided business development expertise and analyzed complex Supreme Court cases and oral arguments on healthcare services topics. Nicole studied Healthcare Management and Policy and Economics at Georgetown University. Nicole advocates for minority and underrepresented students working in the healthcare sector.

During Sabrina’s time at Capitol Street, she enjoyed researching legacy policies and how they can be improved in the modern healthcare climate such as dialysis care, ballot initiatives and charitable premium assistance. She is a graduate of James Madison University with a BS in Biotechnology. Sabrina has worked for a legal collections firm that specializes in collections from third party payers for health systems and hospitals. Today Sabrina provides clinical research coordination at Inova Health System, an academic medical center in Northern Virginia.

During Allison’s time at Capitol Street she was an active participant on the health care policy research team and assisted in the production of real-time briefing memos. Allison especially enjoyed attending in-person committee hearings on Capitol Hill and attending events across Washington, D.C. She graduated from Colgate University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience. Allison has served as a Research Manager for a global legal solutions company headquartered in New York City.

During his time at Capitol Street, Teddy focused on State and Federal proposals to limit drug prices. Particularly, he researched and analyzed proposals in all 50 states to regulate and control drug prices. He also sat in on and analyzed Congressional committee meetings discussing new regulations on biologics and biosimilars. Teddy received a BBA from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a JD from Washington University School of Law.